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    Re-purposed LV Tulum Straw Hat
    Repurposed LV Phone Case and Card Holder
    Loungefly Minnie Mouse Bag (pre-owned)
    Repurposed LV Wallet
    Gucci Inspired Bag
    Upcycled and Repurposed LV Black and White
    Re-purposed LV Genuine leather Original LV strap Donna Crossbody
    Re-purposed LV Genuine Leather Cross Body CLASSIC EXOTIC
    Authentic upcycled LV Leopard Clutch Handbag
    Upcycled GG wrap bracelet
    Upcycled LV clutch bag
    Upcycled LV pave Cuban chain bracelet
    Upcycled LV small multiwear bag
    Upcycled GG rhinestone clutch