What is Huckster Truck?

I've had a lot of people ask me about the company name and I thought I'd throw out the history to give a better idea of why I started this business called Huckster Truck.
The huckstering trade was common in the early 1900's all the way up to 1950.. Hucksters would go to the city and load up on produce, cloth, farm supplies and anything else they thought would be valuable to the area farmers. Then they would travel throughout the countryside selling their wares.
The truck usually was something like a 1930 Ford Model T or Model A pickup with wooden modifications, racks and shelves. Inside was an aisle with counters on each side and shelves above.
Hucksters planned their routes so they showed up on a weekly basis. They stopped at homes and often dropped by country schools as part of their regular routes. Students would pool their money and buy snacks.
Customers paid cash, sometimes bought on credit or traded butter, eggs or chickens for goods. Hucksters would try to stock anything that could be found in a store. They sold groceries, produce, mops, brooms, hardware and fabrics. Some trucks were fitted with a tank to sell coal oil.
Huckster Trucks are where people bought their personal items as well. Pencils, notebooks, salves and convenient accessories were all in stock on the truck.
Rumor has it that my father and uncle owned and operated a Huckster Truck in the northern Kentucky countryside.
That's the quick story of how I came up with Huckster Truck, the place where you can get what you need to Maintain Your Personal Heritage!