Tales of a Parking Lot Attendant

We enjoyed a wonderful evening of cigars and dinner in downtown Indianapolis tonight. When we left the parking garage and stopped to pay the attendant, he asked us how our day was going. I told him we were having a great time, and I asked, "How about you?" He said he was a little stressed from dealing with geese all day.
Puzzled by the comment, I went ahead and gave him some cash for parking. As I was getting ready to leave, my friend in the back seat rolled down her window and asked, "Excuse me, but did you say you've been dealing with geese all day?"
The attendant said, "Yeah - geese! I have a bunch of geese in my back yard. They've been back there and they've laid about 20 eggs. I've been trying to get rid of them but they're nasty and mean."
"So I got myself a pit bull. He's a big ole' pit bull and scary lookin' too. I paid $400 for him so he'd get rid of them geese. I got him home and turned him loose in the back yard. Just a few minutes later he's runnin' back to me all yelpin' and scared of them geese."
"Now I had to pay $400 for that pit bull and now I have to take him to the vet and pay vet bills!"
"When I got home from the vet there was this official letter stuck to my front door. It was a letter from the homeowner association saying I was going to have to pay $2500 because kicking geese is against the law. I guess they're protected by the Feds or something."
"I told 'em, I'm a black guy I don't know nothing about geese!"