Blizzard Notes

The day started cold and rainy. There was a light fog settling in the low spots. Olive the Boxer doesn't like rain, so she didn't want to go outside. I put a jacket on her, she just stood still, bewildered at the new sensation of wearing a jacket. She wouldn't budge. I tried to get her to go out with and without the jacket, but she would have no part of it. Finally, I got out the big golf umbrella and walked her in the rain until she took care of business. She ran back to the house, dragging me along.
The rain continued all day. The weather forecasts said it would start snowing around 2:00 PM. Everyone on social media were making fun of the weather forecasters. Many were frustrated that it wasn't snowing when it was supposed to, as if the forecasters had any say in the matter. It didn't start snowing until closer to 5:00 PM. That's also about the time the wind started.
Clocking a sustained 35-40 MPH, the wind was driving the transitional snow. I call it transitional snow when the rain is transitioning to snow. The result is like little ice pellets. Those pellets, driven by a 40 MPH wind, tend to sting when they hit you in the face.
The pellets turned to snow, and it was snowing very hard. The weather experts said for a time we were receiving 2 inches per hour. I believe it as I couldn't even see across the street at times. As the night progressed the snow drifts were growing.
When we woke up the next day, there was 8 inches of snow on the ground. Under all the snow was a thick layer of ice. The drifts were 2-3 feet deep in various areas. There's no wind at all. It's about 15 degrees. It's a beautiful and serene scene.
Olive the Boxer likes snow, so she's happy.