Every day starts out the same. The night before I create a list and make appointments in my calendar to get things done.
When I get to my desk in the morning, the first thing I do is review the list and the appointments. Then I pick up my pen. Then I decide which notepad to use. Then I choose another pen, maybe depending on the choice of notepad. I pull out my pen collection and try different pens until I find just the right one to use for the day. It's usually the same pen I used yesterday. I notice that one of my fountain pens seems to look like it needs cleaned. So I carefully clean the inner workings and polish the pen.
I wonder if Retro 51 or Cross has any new pens. So I take a quick look at their sites. I google for other pen ideas. Gel tip pens, fountain pens, the list goes on. I should be able to find some good pens at eBay. There's a lot of stuff on eBay, so I browse the random categories.
Then I decide to take a quick look at Facebook to see if there's any activity. A quick look won't hurt.
I browse all over Facebook, responded to some posts, created some posts. Some of my post content might need pictures so I spend time to stage things correctly and take the pictures. I stray off into pen collector territory. It's too late.
Hours later I decide to start my work list after lunch. During lunch I scroll through Facebook. I watch a couple of videos. When watching videos, the next video just starts right up after the last one ends. Some videos are pretty cool I hit a couple of motivational videos and am energized by the message. I'll start the new motivation tomorrow. I'll make a list and stick to it this time.
The day is pretty much shot. There's no use starting anything this late in the afternoon. I'll just catch up on Facebook and call it a day.